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Nov 25 / Jessica

Itchy Severe Allergic Reaction… hmmm

Well yesterday I went back to my liver surgeon because the area around my incisions has been irritated, red and itchy.  He said oh wow, I haven’t seen anything this bad before and immediately scheduled an appointment for me to see a dermatologist.

Good news: the incisions are NOT infected and it is “just” a severe allergic reaction- possibly to the glue that was used to seal the incisions. His goal is to get me better and then determine what I am allergic to.

While I was at my appointment Dr. Aftergut (that’s his real name) brought in 4 other doctors and then took pictures of my RED, not so happy belly and back.  Apparently the reaction was so bad that it spread way beyond the incisions. Awesome.  I have ointment and oral steroids that will hopefully start to calm the itching and spreading. Disgusting, huh?

Random side note- the medicine increases my appetite… just in time for thanksgiving. haha. Talk about timing. Everything happens for a reason right? hmmm..

What are you thankful for?  I am thankful for a team of doctors looking out for me and time with family, friends and food.

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