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Nov 28 / Jessica


Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone enjoyed time with family and friends.

This year we gathered at my parents house… me, Zach, Zach’s mom- Pattie, Zach’s sister- Jenn, my brother-Jeff, and my parents.  9 total for a great meal and time relaxing.

One of our traditions is to pass around index cards before dinner and each person writes something they are thankful for… then we pass the basket around at dinner and you draw a card and read it out loud.

What are you thankful for?

- Jess getting better and all being together

- I am thankful for the many things God has done for me- love, health and family

- For the memores and also the ones to come

- I am thankful that everyone has had a chance to spend time together and enjoy very wonderful food. And I’m very thankful to not be at work. How bout you?

- Health, new recipes, old traditions, family, friends and faith and less itch and a better liver

- Rufus T. Pupperson

- Family, friends and Jessica’s getting healthy again

- Another year of health, all of my family, for a job

Now we are having RibFest at our house!  Lots more food and fun!

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