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Dec 5 / Jessica

“You are a Mystery”

Hmmm… that’s what my doctor said today. I knew I was unique, but seriously?

My allergic reaction is getting better, but I still have spots and irritation around my incisions. I had a patch on my back to test for possible irritants including the glue they used during the surgery, my soap, anti-itch cream ingredients, etc.  Everything came back negative, meaning that I am not allergic to them. But something caused my allergic reaction so I think it is a combination of something- probably the glue and my soap or detergant or the air, haha. Who knows… I am much better and just hope it doesn’t come back!

It was a busy week at work, lots happening as the end of the term draws near. I am very lucky to have a great team! This weekend we are going to relax and do some decorating for Christmas and hang out with some friends and look at lights.

What are you thankful for? I am thankful for Advent and preparing for the birth of Christ.

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