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Jan 25 / Jessica

January 2009

Happy 2009!  Thanks to the Gilmore’s for hosting a fab New Year’s eve party.  Who new you could make BBQ sauce from grape jelly and mustard!

Work has been very busy for both of us. We are thankful amidst the craziness!

We spent a week in Copper Mountain, Colorado.  It was beautiful. I could not go skiing since I had my surgery in October, but had a blast exploring the villages, shops and snow shoeing!  Soooooo much fun. I want to become a snow shoe racer… well, maybe not, but I enjoyed it more than skiing and it was much easier.

The theme for this year so far has been organizing.  We redid the office so I have a scrapbook table and mini-studio. I love it! Thanks babe! My early birthday present was a photo printer. ILY Hubby!

I still haven’t sent out Christmas Cards… but don’t worry, they are coming :)

What are you thankful for? I am thankful for preserving memories.

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