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Jan 19 / Jessica

4 weeks old today!

Caroline is 4 weeks old today.  Wow!  Time flies.

We are doing fabulously.

Highlights since Caroline’s birthday:

- We are home, happy, healthy and of course sleepy

- Caroline was back to her birth weight 8 lbs 11 ounces on 1/7/2010 (we go back Thursday- she’s grown even more!)

- Had multiple Christmas celebrations and celebrated my birthday early

-Lots of great food and visits from friends and family

-Photo shoot!  Check out (We highly recommend Steve!)

-Eating, growing, being curious and sleeping (except between 11pm-3am… hmmm)

- Check out the new pics in our gallery!

Holding Caroline Marie


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  1. Jesica Jones / Jan 21 2010

    Jessica, those professional pictures are just amazing and so beautiful! Caroline is so precious and she is a good mix of both of you. Enjoy every minute with her cause it goes by fast! Take care!

  2. Tiffany / Feb 11 2010

    Those photos are beautiful!

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