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Jan 19 / Jessica

Caroline’s Birthday

Recap of December 22, 2009- Happy Birthday Caroline!

Note- everyone is happy and healthy.

December 22, 2009

6:30am- Arrive at Baylor Regional Medical Center in Grapevine

I was scheduled to be induced because my doctor (Dr. Katrina Allen (AMAZING)) thought that Caroline was getting to big.  The nurses started the Pitocin as I was starting to have some mild irregular contractions.  I guess Caroline decided she wanted to be born soon too.

The nurses at Baylor were amazing.  I was in labor for a LONG 12+ hours.  A few hours into labor I decided to have an epidural.  It worked some of the time and then would completely stop working. I don’t know how women have children without medication- props to you. Finally around 8:30pm I was completely dilated and started pushing.  Well 2.5 hours later not much progress had been made.  I started feeling very sick and running a fever.  Dr. Allen decided that a c-section was the best option.

Well… I was taken to the operating room and given another dose of the epidural medication.  The doctors scrubbed and prepared and then touched my belly to make sure the medication was working.  “Can you feel this?” I replied, “YES!”  They tried again, but the epidural was not working so I had to be given general anesthesia. I kept asking where Zach was, but he wasn’t allowed in the operating room.  I found out later that he was finally able to come in right after Caroline was born.

Everything happens for a reason- Caroline was born at 11:50pm on 12/22/2009 and Zach got to meet her minutes later.  She was healthy and doing well.  8 pounds, 11 ounces and 20.5 inches long.  She was a big girl- even bigger that Dr. Allen thought! During the c-section Dr. Allen discovered that my ovarian cyst had ruptured.  That is probably why I had the fever and was feeling so terrible. I knew that I had a cyst, but didn’t know that it was the size of a GRAPEFRUIT.  It had burst from the pressure during labor.  After 2 hours of surgery to remove the cysts and my left ovary I was in recovery. Thank goodness I had a c-section after all because otherwise I probably would have had emergency surgery shortly after she was born.

As I started to wake up, I remember Zach coming in with the camera and showing me some pictures of Caroline.  I kept asking is she was ok.  She was doing great and off getting her first bath! I finally was taken to my postpartum room around 3:30am and got to meet Caroline for the first time.  She had on a cute Santa hat. It was truly amazing. She was able to breastfeed and the we were able to take a quick nap after a long but amazing day.

Happy Birthday Caroline! We are very blessed.

Caroline in the nursery

Caroline's Santa Hat

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