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May 3 / Jessica


It’s already May!

Caroline ate rice cereal for the first time. She didn’t love it or hate it at first- just funny faces and curious tongue. Pics coming soon.

We started running as a family. We are getting ready for a 5K on June 5th.  It feels good to run again! I haven’t run since before my liver resection in 2008.  Zach is feeling more like running since he has started allergy shots.  Caroline has a snazzy jogging stroller from my boss.  It’s nice to get out as a family and exercise.

I’m back to meal planning after a crazy, busy April.  Check out this great site- Everything you need for the week fits in 1 shopping bag.  The recipes are easy and tasty. So far we have had the Classic One Dish Chicken Bake with Stuffing (with light ingredients- slightly healthier- maybe) and we made the Italian Chicken Tomato Pasta Toss (with wheat noodles) for lunch with Zach’s mom on Saturday. So far so good.

May has already been very productive. We cleaned the garage, started exercising, got back to meal planning, Zach finished the stone wall around our flower beds (now time to add flowers)!

What are you thankful for?  I am thankful for exercise, meal planning, family and being outside!

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