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Jan 4 / Jessica

5 Dinners in 1 Hour!

Successful first week of making 5 dinners in 1 hour. It took me 1 hour and 18 minutes because I had a helper. :) Checkout I made the free trial week- looks yummy!

Week 1 with a helper :)

The free trial week had a good variety- bean and cheese quesadillas (we added chicken) [SO TASTY and the leftovers were great for lunch today (I took the filling out of the tortilla to store overnight)], Asian slow cooker pork chops [Delicious and nice to come home from work to a full meal!] , breakfast casserole for dinner, mini meatloaf, turkey croissants (added avocado). It is $5 for a …month of menus (5 per week). We wasted at least that much by going out to eat or throwing out unused ingredients. You can substitute ingredients and you have 2 days unplanned so you can do whatever you want. The one hour is prep time and then the day of the meal you cook it, but will only have 1 dirty dish and no wasted time figuring out what to eat or if you have the ingredients. It also gives recommendations for a side dish. The shopping list is well organized too. So far I am a big fan and we’ve only eaten 2 of the meals! We got into a rut of having the exact same things…. spaghetti, tacos, frozen pizza, out to eat. Blah. Then a friend recommended Thanks Clarissa! Happy Cooking!

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