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May 17 / Zach

5 months later…

I can’t believe I haven’t updated this since Christmas! We are doing great… just staying busy.  Luke (8 months) is crawling and chasing after Caroline (almost 2.5) Check out the links on the top bar to visit our other sites that keep us busy too! Have a blessed day :)

Dec 14 / Jessica

Merry Christmas Madlib!


Well, here we are at the end of another [ADJECTIVE] year. We hope this Christmas letter finds you well as you celebrate this joyous season of [HOLIDAY TRADITION]. 2011 has been a/an [ADJECTIVE] yet [ADJECTIVE] for us, with the kiddos [VERB ENDING IN “ING”] like crazy. Caroline is almost 2, and if she could sum up the year so far in a single word, it would be “[EXCLAMATION]!” She loves to paint [PLURAL ANIMAL] and ride her new [ADJECTIVE] tricycle. She looked very [ADJECTIVE] in her [ADJECTIVE] flower girl dress in August. This year she started school (one day a week); she has taken to it like a [NOUN] to [NOUN].  Caroline [VERB ending in “S”] her baby brother Luke very much.  Speaking of Luke, he made a/an [ADJECTIVE] entrance on September 14. He spends his days [VERB ENDING IN “ING] and [VERB ENDING IN “ING] with Caroline. Having two kids has been very [VERB]!

Zach is still working for BNSF Railway and has been traveling quite a bit to [INSERT BIG CITY/RANDOM SMALL TOWN], which has left Jess feeling very [EMOTION].  He [VERB ending in “S”] racquetball, Rangers baseball and projects in the garage.

Cowtown Photo Booths has continued to [VERB]. The second [ADJECTIVE] booth is under construction now! Look for us at the next [EVENT]!

Jess stays busy [VERB ENDING IN “ING”] and [VERB ENDING IN “ING] the kiddos. She started her own [ADJECTIVE] business-  Need a/an [ADJECTIVE] resume makeover or celebration design?  She also [VERB] scrapbooks and wedding monograms for Cowtown Photo Booths.

We [VERB ENDING IN "ED"] our 5th anniversary by taking a/an [ADJECTIVE] trip to Boston- with a/an [ADJECTIVE] side-trip to Maine. We’ve traveled to see family and friends in [INSERT LOCATION] too.

In short, life is [ADJECTIVE] and we are grateful. As always, we wish you, our [PLURAL NOUN], the happiest of holiday seasons and a new [NOUN] filled with blessings, silliness and smiles. Take care and we hope to [VERB] you soon. Remember to take time to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday by [INSERT CHRISTMAS TRADITION]!


Jess, Zach, Caroline and Luke Smith

p.s. We’d love to see what you came up with! Send us your Madlib! It will be good for a laugh! :)

p.p.s. Tell all of the ladies in your life to get an annual mammogram!  Jess’ mom was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in August and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. We are thankful that they caught it early.  Zach’s mom celebrated her 10 year anniversary of being breast cancer free this fall. Get checked!!!

Nov 21 / Jessica

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family of four :) We truly have a lot to be thankful for this year. As I am writing this Luke is lying next to me cooing and smiling while trying desperately to suck on his hand. So cute. Take a minute to tell those in your life how much they mean to you. Things tend to get busy and we get wrapped up in all of the things we NEED to do. When in reality most of the time it’s just something we want to do.  I learned this lesson from Caroline this week. She is learning to talk in sentences (super chatty!) and she says Caroline NEEDS for everything.  “Caroline NEEDS apples, Caroline NEEDS cookies, Caroline NEEDS outside.” She hasn’t learned the word want yet.  Thanks for the unique reminder that there is a difference and to slow down and enjoy life and not get caught up in the WANT to dos.

p.s. Say an extra prayer for my mom and her doctors. She was recently diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and is undergoing treatment.  Remind all of the women in your life to get an annual mammogram. I am very thankful that she did.

Many blessings to you and your family.

- The Smith Turkeys :)

Sep 20 / Zach

BIG Sister Caroline

Caroline is a sweet BIG sister!

Her face is priceless.

C teaching Luke Itsy Bitsy Spider

Lots of pictures here: